PunkGrl: Alternative Teen Queen Maria

Judging by our stats, Gothic PunkGrl Maria was a very popular post and according to the people at PunkGrl, that’s no surprise as she’s become a very popular model for them. It’s always good to see sites with lots of sets of really hot girls we like to see. It looks like they caved to the pressure they were getting about over using a certain guitar as well, so same hot girl, classy new guitar! It wouldn’t matter to me if she was laying under an old accordion though, I could look at that pretty face for ever.

PunkGrl: Alternative Teen Queen Maria
PunkGrl writes:

We welcome back sexy alt teen Maria for her second set here at PunkGrl.com Maria gets naughty with her guitars while at home and really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, is there anything hotter than an alt girl like Maria and a couple of guitars?! PunkGrl Maria has proved incredibly popular since her debut a couple of months back, it’s fairly easy to see why with her stunning figure and piercing green/blue eyes. Keep an eye out for a lot more from our alt teen Maria here on PunkGrl!

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