PunkGrl: Emo Girl Nina Terror

On to the theme of Valentines Day flavored updates you may have missed if you haven’t treated yourself to one of these good sites yet, we meet new PunkGrl Nina Terror. I just want to eat that sweet candy hair all up, and what an adorable face she’s got too. I do wonder if PunkGrl does expand oversea as they mention below, if they could maintain their charm. Having a uniquely British AltPorn site gives it a certain off center vibe and I hope going more global won’t diminish their character.

PunkGrl: Emo Girl Nina Terror
PunkGrl writes:

Here’s a little Valentines weekend cheer, in the gorgeous and pink haired Nina Terror. Emo girl Nina is making her PunkGrl debut and it’s quite the debut! Nina Terror is originally from Georgia but is now living in England which I think is a first for PunkGrl, we’re expanding at quite a rate and are starting to branch out overseas. What is with all these cute emo girls coming over here, getting naked and taking our jobs?!

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