BurningAngel: Deathrock Rubella

Sexy little Rubella is actually one of my favorite girls on Burning Angel, and I always enjoy seeing what she does with her hair. She just seems like a really cool sexy girl that I would love to know and hang out with. That hot little body is pretty tasty too. I like that Matt changed up the angles in this series and shot some interesting positions. Even though I’m really into a lot of the girls, sometimes Burning Angel photo sets can get a little limited in the posing, generally opting for a short list of POV positions that are rally hot if you are about to have sex, but are not always the most flattering for the girls. This is a hot set and it really delivers the goods.

BurningAngel: Deathrock Rubella

BurningAngel writes:

We did a little experiment with this photo set of Rubella – we put a very white girl in a very white room, had her put on a very black dress and then take it off to see if she blended with the white walls and disappeared. Luckily, she didn’t! And the conclusion of the experiment is…Rubella is a very hot girl!

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