AltPorn A-List QuantCast Rankings January2007

We’ve had some shakeup in the monthly QuantCast edition of our AltPorn A-List Traffic and Site Popularity Study. Bob Coulter’s CrazyBabe pops up to the top of the chart, swapping positions with last month’s leader BlueBlood‘s GothicSluts. SuicideGirls holds position two, followed again by BlueBlood’s BarelyEvil, also unchanged in position. The exciting news is the dramatic entry of GeekGirlsOnline, with a statistical debut all the way up in position seven. Nice work Athena Hollow! slipped three spots, which we deserve for not updating for a couple weeks. Although, GodsGirls fell three as well. PunkGrl is entering the ranks well, up five spots, to position seventeen, and BellaVendetta has fallen the hardest of the group this month, losing six slots and ending up ranking twenty second of the AltPorn A-List.

I’d like to apologize, on behalf of everyone at APN. We’ve all simultaneously been overwhelmed with project work. I hear we may be interviewing for some more writer positions in the near future, so keep on the lookout for that. As always, we want to hear from you about new sites that should be ranked and added to the charts.

AltPorn Quantcast Ranking

* Rank: Works like Alexa, lower is better.
** EMV: Estimated Monthly Visitors

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