Altporn A-List Alexa: January 1 2008

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all had a good time and we look forward to a great oh-eight. This month’s AltPorn A-List Traffic and Popularity Study Alexa Edition brings us little change in the standings. BlueBlood‘s punky BarelyEvil got a bit of a December bounce, moving up three spots to take the number three spot, rising above their GothicSluts site, as well as Bob Coulter’s CrazyBabe and NaughtyFlipside. It looks like NaughtyFlipside did just enough content to put out a DVD and had not put up anything new since. Should we keep them on the chart as long as they are live, or should there be a limit on non-updating sites? What are your opinions? On the lower rungs of the rankings, relatively young site PunkGrl continued to rise, up two spots, along with another recent addition LazerBunny, also up two spots. Plus, we’ve just added newcomer GeekGirlsOnline, which debuts in slot 21. As always, we encourage your suggestions for more ways to measure the most accurate public measures of AltPorn site traffic and popularity.

Altporn A-List Alexa January 1 2008

0 thoughts on “Altporn A-List Alexa: January 1 2008

  1. Sean Adamz

    In regards to the open question of sites and their inclusion in the ranks if they are not actively seems that sites that are ‘networks’ will have more traffic than other sites that are not networks..So, if Naughty America or Blue Blood have 5 sites, shouldn’t it just be a ranking of their network of ites rather than all of the top spots being filled by a bunch of essentially the same people. On a side note, Naughty Flipside was awesome, but it seems like it will never be updated again. Its been dormant for months..and other sites are updating weekly!

  2. AltPorn

    As far as networks go, if for example, BarelyEvil on it’s own, has more content, updates more often, and has been around longer than most alt sites, I don’t see why (or how) they would be penalized for being owned and operated by the same people that also run a lot of other successful sites. We see them as separate entities. Also, it would be very difficult to get at fair measurable site stats if some sort of company specific handicap system were put in place just to hold Blue Blood back because of their large footprint in the genre. We didn’t remove Spiceplay stats because it was launched by Killshot, who is also in charge of EroticBPM, nor did we handicap when he was put in charge of FatalBeauty. Sites are sites the way we see it. If you launch another successful site, we won’t hold it against you either.

  3. Sean Adamz

    Well, I agree. Most sites seem to be moving towards network sites, and I think that its a good move.I also agree with the fact that regardless of if its the same creator an interesting , and well done site is still exactly that. My point was mostly about the fact that I think that some sites rank higher obviously if they are a network, because all of their sites get a similar ammount of hits etc.. but still a popular site is known because its great!

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