Deviant Nation: Jessie_Lee: Pillow Talk

Jessie Lee is a heart breaker. she has such nicely shaped breasts and I love that hot pouty mouth. I can imagine the pillow talk now, about covering her in cupcakes and licking her clean, or maybe busting out the razor and cream and shaving her better.

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Deviant Nation writes:

Jessie Lee sure has some sexy pillow talk especially seeing as there’s no talking or pillow involved.

Photographer: Marcos

0 thoughts on “Deviant Nation: Jessie_Lee: Pillow Talk

  1. jessie lee

    Well, it just seems like he didn’t even feel like writing the review. I’ve actually seen some not so good sets get a few paragraphs of a review. With nothing but amazing things said.

    AltPorn: Just likes shaving girls? That’s the silliest excuse I’ve ever read.

    Leila: Thank you. I’m glad I’m not imagining things.

    Ely: He’s oblivious.

  2. Sean Adamz

    hhahahaha. snarky comments are good, isn’t this fucking ALT PORN. NET? WTF. I hear on they are like all nice and stuff and they’ll give you some lovebeads and inscense if you post comments about yourself there.

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