Altporn A-List December 1 2007

We managed to miss the late November edition of our AltPorn A-List Traffic and Popularity Study, due in part to Thanksgiving, but some of the feedback we’ve been getting would indicate a desire to measure and publish the various third party traffic and popularity statistics on the same days. We’ve given it some thought and we’ll give it a try. So, along with today’s Alexa chart, you also get the chart, both measured on December first, 2007. If this is popular, we may move the QuantCast measures and charts to the first of every month for the coming year 2008 as well.

The December Compete numbers are a little more interesting than the Alexa measures, or at least there is a little more positional movement. BlueBlood’s GothicSluts, as well as their BarelyEvil sites have moved up significantly in estimated monthly visitors taking spots two and three respectively, knocking CrazyBabe down to position four this month. We ( have actually grown in visitors this month, up 55.4% over last month (six weeks really) and up an impressive 383.4% for the year. BrokenDolls is also bumping up significantly, while InkyGirls have fallen off a number of spots. still doesn’t have measures for the newcomer sites PunkGrl and LazerBunny, which I feel they should have by now, so no measures for them yet.

AltPorn Compete Rankings

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