PunkGrl: Rocker Chicks Need Love Too

The PunkGrl girls seem like they would be a little more at home back stage at the Kerrang Awards than at something more along the lines of a Cock Sparrer show, but we love sexed up rocker girls just the same. Getting to see these girls in heat in their natural habitat is pretty exciting as well! Nicole looks like a great girl to have along for a night on the town, so long as she didn’t ditch you for the lead guitarist after a couple hits of E. We do enjoy getting to see the fun English underground, thank you PunkGrl!

PunkGrl writes:

You know when you’re at a gig and the band are an hour late coming on stage? Well if you’ve got someone like PunkGrl Nicole back there why on Earth would you go on at all?! F*ck the gig!  Hangout with her!?!

She’s a stunning platinum blonde rock chick from London and I’m sure she’ll be your new favourite. As always let me know what you guys think and I’ll do my best to get her back in to PunkGrl HQ for more pics. (members only link)

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