QuantCast AltPorn A List Rankings November 2007

Whoa! Some thing are shakin’ in this month’s AltPorn A-List Traffic and Site Popularity study, QuantCast edition. Both BlueBlood‘s old school pre-SG alt sites BarelyEvil and GothicSluts have beaten out long time pole position holder SuicideGirls, which dropped to position three, as well as Bob Coulter’s popular CrazyBabe site, which dropped two spots as well. NaughtyFlipside has taken a significant dip, which just goes to show what happens when you don’t do updates for two months. DeviantNation enjoys a bit of a bump up, rising four spots, along with BellaVendetta which also rose four spots. We welcome the addition of new AltPorn sites PunkGrl and LazerBuny to the QuantCast tracking chart this month, and have removed FatalBeauty, as it has just recently closed.

AltPorn Quantcast Ranking

* Rank: Works like Alexa, lower is better.
** EMV: Estimated Monthly Visitors

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  1. AltPorn

    Beeker posts Alexa rankings at the beginning of the month, QuantCast mid month, and recently Compete.com stats late in the month. For a true sense of traffic, all measures should be taken into account. In my experience, Alexa is the most inaccurate, but all should still be taken into consideration.

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