AltPorn A List Rankings for October 2007

Spurred partially by ‘Satan’ calling the QuantCast AltPorn A-List rankings reporting into question, but mostly because the more data sources we’re collecting from, the better, I’ve decided to add an additional reputable traffic and site popularity measuring tool to the study. Now we survey data from Alexa, QuantCast, and, in order to give the most accurate reporting on AltPorn genre site popularity and traffic available from unbiased third party sources.

Interestingly enough, even though the estimated monthly visitors seems to be a little off from the QuantCast estimates, the sites stack up remarkably similar in rankings. A few sites which are closely ranked switch places from chart to chart, but for the most part, we’re getting a fairly consistent snapshot of the state of multi-girl Alt genre site traffic and popularity. offers another set of interesting data points, revealing individual site trends, measured on a monthly and yearly basis. This gives an idea of which sites are up or down from their previous month and year.

AltPorn Compete Rankings

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