QuantCast AltPorn A List Rankings October 2007

Blame the goblins, our October QuantCast AltPorn A-List rankings report is a day or two late in posting. Near the top, BlueBlood’s GothicSluts swapped spots with their BarelyEvil site. NaughtyFlipside continues it’s rise in traffic and popularity, up from about midlist. And NoFauxxx gets a bump up from it’s previous bottom spot.

AltPorn Quantcast Ranking

* Rank: Works like Alexa, lower is better.
** EMV: Estimated Monthly Visitors

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  1. AltPorn

    Is your site is more wrong than others? These are relative comparative statistics. I don’t think anyone takes them as perfectly accurate when it comes to their estimated monthly visitors, but it does indicate a fairly consistent traffic and popularity ranking among sites in the AltPorn field. We put the quantification code snippet on our site, much like you had done, and it did seem to report a little differently. If there are more comparative measures in addition to Alexa and QuantCast, we’d be happy to add them to the study, but I doubt all these sites are going to give us access to their google analytics.

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