BurningAngel: Naked Schoolgirl Melodie Gore

BurningAngel just posted a really cute schoolgirl series of the sexy pixie Melodie Gore, reading comic books in her dangerously short plaid miniskirt. The way this is shot, she looks a lot like she could be one of the characters in the comic as well. It doesn’t take long before what little she’s wearing flys off and boy is she yummy naked. Looks like she’s gotten some new tattoos lately too. Some of the more explicit shots are really right up in there and the coloring and hyper contrast makes them pretty interesting viewing. See more Gore at BurningAngel.

BurningAngel: Melodie Gore
BurningAngel writes:

Right before Melodie took these photos, she scarfed down one of the biggest pieces of chocolate cake I’d ever seen in my life. I’m still not sure where it went…I mean, can you see it anywhere? She must have the power to make fattening food absorb into outer space after consumption. Crazy.

Joanna Angel

Stills be aLan!

BurningAngel: Melodie Gore

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