Response To QuantCast Ranking Drama

I’d like to address incorrect assertions about the recent QuantCast statistical addition to our regular Alexa traffic and site popularity study. “Anony Mouse” has not so boldly anonymously called the data gathered into question, asserting that the Blue Blood statistics were somehow aggregated in some way as to appear as though their overall footprint in this genre is very large. What puzzles me about this accusation is that the statistics are right there for anybody to look up. There was absolutely no aggregation of the data of the rankings in any way and there is nothing hidden from public fact checking.

“Why would you aggregate Blueblood’s sites together and somehow miss the fact that many sites on your list are also part of other companie’s holdings, such as Naughty America, Gods Girls, EroticBPM, etc, etc…” – Anony Mouse

Blue Blood’s overall footprint in this genre is in fact very large, larger than I had previously realized. So, if I had aggregated the statistics and rolled together Blue Blood ranking statistics, their actual QuantCast rank would have been on the very top of the chart, ringing in at precisely 4,465, with an impressive estimated monthly traffic (EMV) result of 379,471. But, that’s not how the study was done. If it had been, Blue Blood would in fact have topped the chart, being sizably more popular that even.

It is also clear that Anony Mouse doesn’t understand what a networked membership site really is, so I think it’s best to explain. A membership in Naughty Flipside actually also automatically gets the member additional access to every site in the Naughty America family of sites, such as Naughty Office, Naughty Bookworms, My Friends Hot Mom, etc. Thus, it is a network membership site. However, Naughty Flipside is the only site that Naughty America does that really truly fits in the AltPorn genre. Some people here at do enjoy some of the nerdy girl content on Naughty America’s Naughty Bookworms, but it’s not something we’d consider totally in the AltPorn genre. These rankings are done on a site by site basis, for each site being measured, not the overall network.

GodsGirls’ parent company NicheBucks, on the other hand, doesn’t even include GodsGirls in their affiliate program, let alone their network of sites. So, as a member, you would not get any additional membership to,,,,, or even So, even if we were measuring the traffic and popularity of networked membership sites, instead of the individual sites we actually are measuring, counting the overall NicheBucks site portfolio wouldn’t make any sense.

Business wise, EroticBPM, formerly RaverPorn could be considered to be connected to the Spiceplay site, which was also in our study until it went on hiatus, as well as FatalBeauty for that matter, but they too are not networked as far as membership goes. This still does mean that Killshot could be considered to have a decently large footprint within this genre though.

Although they are still counted and measured individually, Blue Blood does actually network the memberships for each of their sites listed in this AltPorn multi-girl site study. The statistics were not aggregated in any way, but a membership in any one of their sites on that chart, such as Blue Blood or BarelyEvil automatically grants access to all their other sites on the chart, such as RubberDollies and GothicSluts. The four sites they have on that chart don’t even comprise all their alt-site properties, but all their sites are in this genre. I just happened to mention in my last post that Blue Blood seemed to be pretty big, and really, they clearly are. Nothing was skewed or spun or aggregated or fudged at all.

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