AltPorn A List Traffic and Popularity Study: Mid July QuantCast Statistics

No one system of gauging internet traffic and popularity is wholly perfect, so we’ve decided to add some more data points to our ongoing study of AltPorn site popularity and traffic. In addition to out monthly Alexa charts, we’ve decided to add mid month QuantCast charts for our A-list sites. QuantCast works very similarly to Alexa, although some people argue that it is slightly less susceptible to being gamed by sites attempting to bump up their ranks through trickery. I’m not sure it is any more or less accurate, but I do feel that when all the statistics are taken as a whole, the true patterns do become more clear.

QuantCast ranks sites from most popular to least, much like Alexa, so the site with the lowest number rank is the closest to being the top most popular. QuantCast also projects a lot of other interesting data about the demographics of the visitors to each site, but we’ll get into more of that later. I’ve included their estimated monthly unique visitors (EMV) stats, although from looking at our own versus their projection, their projected monthly unique visitors looks to be consistently only about 20% of the real monthly unique visitors, so I would take those numbers as relative, rather than literal.

There don’t seem to be any huge surprises in this site ranking chart, although Deviant Nation seems to do remarkably better in a current Alexa ranking than they seem to do in the QuantCast rankings. Another thought that occurred to me looking at this is that given the fact that,,,, and are all actually Blue Blood, they really are the other 900 lb. gorilla in the room, more than I had previously realized.

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  1. Anony Mouse

    Why would you aggregate Blueblood’s sites together and somehow miss the fact that many sites on your list are also part of other companie’s holdings, such as Naughty America, Gods Girls, EroticBPM, etc, etc…

    Seems like you’re still attempting to fudge reality in Blue Blood’s favor, which you have been accused of doing in the past.

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