NaughtyFlipside: Sexy Jade Starr Fucks Ariel X Good and Hard

Speaking of sweet asses, Naughty Flipside just added a great new episode with two of our favorite great ass having crush objects, Jade Starr and Ariel X! Jade and Ariel get all dressed up to go out and then just decide to stay in and give Jade’s strap-on a good work out. Jade really fucks the daylights out of Ariel and Ariel is clearly loving every bit of it. This is a really hot scene, although I do think Ariel is spending a bit too much time with the tanning technology and might need to pick some different shades of makeup to match her tropical tone these days. Check Naughty Flipside for the free trailer, and remember, it’s only $1.95 to see it all.

NaughtyFlipside: Jade Starr
NaughtyFlipside writes:

When go-go dancers Jade Starr and Ariel X have had enough of the douchebags – with their “magical” pickup lines, and the uncoordinated bimbos on the dance floors at the clubs, they suck it up, strap it on and give their pussies what the deserve: each other!

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