FedorasBox: Fedora Opens Her Box

Congratulation to Fedora El Morro, who just launched her new membership site,FedorasBox. She seems to be mostly in a calling for photographers, writers, and various other contributors stage, but it’s always exciting to see people’s projects open up. We’ll let her manifesto speak for the goals of the site.


Fedora writes:


It is my mission to enable women to be comfortable enough in their own skins to express themselves sexually. (Hot Lesbo Action!!!!)
I want to promote sexual health and healing through avenues of sexual entertainment (and hot, tight punanny.)
I want to explore the different character types (and orifices) that exists as well as their specific fetishes; (whips, chains, ball-gags and more!!!) but most of all, I want to share this journey with you.

Welcome to Fedora’s Box (my box.)

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