BurningAngel: NJ Store Signing Photos

Looks like Joanna and the Burning Angels girls made the most out of what can generally be a pretty boring in-store signing situation and managed to have a good time anyway. Looks like alcohol might have helped a little though. And Wow, I almost didn’t recognize Bella Vendetta in that shot. By the way, what’s with always saying we suck, Joanna? If I wanted pro domination I’d call up an expert. More pictures available on BurningAngel.com

BurningAngel writes:

If you missed the Joanna Angel/Burning Angels store signing in New Jersey last Saturday…you suck! Lucky for you, though, here are some pics from the event. Thanks to everyone who came – we had so much fun with you at World Video! New Jersey rocks! Here are some pics of me, January, Bella Vendetta and Morgan getting it on with our fans (and making some pit stops to the liquor stores along the way!)…

Joanna Angel

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