BrokenDollz: Behind the Scenes with the BrokenDollz in Atlantic City

As some of you may already know, a bunch of the BrokenDollz crew gathered up from all over the place to attend a north eastern tattoo convention a few weeks back and by the looks of the pictures they have sent us, they all sure had a great time. It’s really good to see a site generate such a positive sense of unity and fun.

BrokenDollz writes:

As more photos come in, there will be more updates. As for now, here are some of the “behind the scenes” photos of the tattoo convention. There are definately more to come, so keep checking back. The convention was a blast for everyone. Many Dollz showed up, participated in a pageant, had tons of photo ops, and went out on the town (and locked themselves up in the hotel room for some “sexy party time”).

Delilah and Mandi hamming it up for the camera

Noone can resist rockin’ it out to “You Shook Me All Night Long”, not even Delilah, Jessika, or Mandi.

From left to right: Miss Dismay, Roarden, Judas, Jessie Lee, Nina Noir

Left to right: Melanie Murder, Judas, Miss Dismay

grrrrrawwwwrrrr…. Mandi’s gonna get’cha!

Nekkid camera time with Fedora

Mary helping out as Fedora shoots Mandi and Jessika. Much nekkidness abounds.

Mandi and Jessika looking oh so adorable together (can’t wait to see how the nekkid photo shoot turned out!)

And here are some additional pictures form Fedora el Morro

That is all for now, be sure to check out BrokenDollz for more photos.

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  1. delilahbrat

    so much fun. So many boobies. wish my half-sleeve would have been finished by then. O well, at least I got “the sinister” (keeps the memories going! Fedora and Jessy Lee are my sinister buddies) and my forehead tattoo. Everyone who attended was so awesome, and we all just clicked as though we were long-lost friends. This was definately a wonderful opportunity, and I’m definately looking foward to more opportunities like this as the site keeps growing!

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