Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: July 1, 2007

It’s that time of the month again. Another installment of our famous Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa study. We dropped a couple sites from the list, since they seem to be no longer active, and added a couple new ones in their place, so welcome and We had a bit of a debate about adding the NaughtyFlipside site, since on the surface it appears to be a little less independent that some of the sites we traditionally cover might seem to be, but then decided that might be a bad set of rocks to start throwing in the proverbial glass house. Let’s just say it’s hard to nail down what exactly counts as really independent these days. A few sites we cover are very much doing it on their own and some of the others, well, not so much. So, for now, we’ve decided that quality of content and genre appropriateness is what counts for the purpose of this monthly study anyway. What are your thoughts? We’re always open to hearing constructive points of view from our readers.

Altporn A List Alexa

0 thoughts on “Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: July 1, 2007

  1. Leila

    I agree that those two sites don’t fit the traditional mold of an alt-porn site but they have alternative models which to me is the important part. If all alt-porn sites were set up the same it would just get boring anyway. And personally I don’t think being owned by a big company or being independent is what makes a site alt-porn either. As a consumer I would much prefer to support small independent companies, be it porn or whatever, but that’s just a personal preference.

  2. Jessica

    Naughty Flipside is owned by Naughty America and even though it doesn’t have the same type of set up that many other alt sites have, I’d say it’s still alt porn. It’s mostly in the vein of something like Vivid Alt, except their scenes are online as well as on DVD. They have shot porn stars who are identified with alt porn, like Pinky Lee and Dana DeArmond. It is an all-hardcore site though, like a traditional porn site. You can’t apply to be a softcore model or anything.

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