BrokenDollz: Scarlet Rose Framed

Scarlet Rose has some really nice tattoo work and I love her bright red hair, my only consistent critique is the image size and compression used over on the BrokenDollz site. I love their enthusiasm and energy and strong sense of community, but the bottom line is that image quality does really matter to people and a lot of the other alt sites are putting out images at about twice the dimensional size and four or five times the file size, which means there is a lot more crisp detail. It is fun to interact with the girls in the pictures and read their bulletins and all that, but small fuzzy pictures can still be kind of frustrating.

BrokenDollz: Scarlet Rose
BrokenDollz writes:

The adorably freckle-faced Scarlet Rose is picture perfect in her newest gallery on Come check her out and don’t forget to check out her two-Doll gallery with Ava, and also the 100+ other Dollz who appear on the site!

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