BrokenDollz: Hello Antietam

BrokenDollz Antietam plays a little coy in this hotel room set, but I really like the black and purple panties and pretty much anybody with Hello Kitty tattoos and purple hair is alright in my book. She has a really warm smile and that’s something exciting to see from time to time. Although, truthfully I’m not really usually a big fan of tease. Girls, if you are not comfortable with showing nudity in your cute panty region, you can really just leave the panties on and come across much sexier than you are likely to look while tightly crossing your legs and indelicately clasping your hands over your special places.

BrokenDollz writes:

Antietam is back, showing off her killer body, personality, and of course her body mods. Check out all her galleries (plus a two-Doll gallery!) on

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