AltPorn: AltPorn Genre History Timeline

Here is the AltPorn History Timeline. has isolated the domain registration dates as the logical earliest starting point for sites, as well as the records as the latest third party documented historical record, in order to best establish a range within which sites could have logically launched. Then we contacted site owners and operators to nail down official dates within that range. This is the most complete and most accurate AltPorn genre historical timeline available and we hope you find it as interesting and even entertaining as we do.

AltPorn Genre History Timeline

* info for paid membership sites reflects the first available record of the existance of the join page and/or actual members area navigation. This reflects a sites actual ability to serve memberships to the public.

** In cases of no reply from site staff, owners, or operators, the launch date refelects the earliest record of a join page and/or actual members area navigation on

0 thoughts on “AltPorn: AltPorn Genre History Timeline

  1. Iamcuriousblue

    This is great! Finally a proper reference for the Wikipedia article on Altporn demonstrating that altporn does in fact pre-date SuicideGirls.

    I had no idea CrazyBabe went so far back.

    One early site you left out was, a short-lived Seattle-based site active in 2000-2001. Unfortunately that one has been blocked from for some reason.

    Also from 2001 (and pre-dating SG by several months) were the two Technosex videos, which seem to have largely been forgotten by the altporn world.

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