BurningAngel: Angelle’s Stairway to…

Well, I guess I do have to agree with Joanna. This BurningAngel set does seem to be a lot more about the sunglasses than it is about Angelle getting naked on the roof. I just don’t know what’s going on up in Williamsburg, what with the bike shorts, leg warmers, and the Kool Moe Dee sunglasses, but at least we can count on them to take their clothes off.

BurningAngel writes:

So, other than the fact that Angelle is really pretty and sexy – and naked – I think that this photo set could easily pass as an ad for Sunglass Hut or something like that. Maybe I should submit it to them; like, 80% of sunglass wearers are only wearing them to “look sexy” anyway, right? Like those ridiculous people who wear them in bars, or at night, or on a subway. Sunglass Hut – if you’re out there – I think we found your new face (and body)! Her name is Angelle!

Joanna Angel

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