BarelyEvil: Sexy Hollywood Horror Babe Alsana Sin

Oh my! I guess they call it BarelyEvil for a reason! Some of the random food fight gore-girl stuff being shown around myspace or whatever these days is just kind of silly, but this stuff shot by Chad Michael Ward is awesome and sexy and disturbing at the same time. He brings it to a whole different level. I love his collection of photo art books and BlueBlood actually has some 95 sets shot by him available to members of their site empire. It’s really cool to be able to see all the pictures shot in a series where maybe one ended up in the book too. AltPorn should be more than just a girl with an expensive tattoo. We love the variety available on sites like Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil.

SpookyBlog writes:

Not your average ghoul next door Alsana Sin tears her way through this bloody BarelyEvil set like a zombie through a fresh meat buffet. The blood is flying as each picture get bloodier and bloodier until there’s very little of her creamy flesh that’s not covered in gore. It wasn’t just the nakedness that excited me though trust me I really enjoyed the nakedness. The expression on her face is what really got me revved up. This is one hot woman who really enjoys being a bloody mess and it shows through with every picture in the set.

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