Nurse Dana DeArmond Can Take Our Temperature

Rubber nurse Dana DeArmond seems to be taking care of my terrible headache and that makes me a happy boy! These classic pin-up shots totally belong up on battleship walls and maybe even painted on a few old Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses, although I guess someone might mistake the aircraft for some sort of sexy Red Cross transport. All in all, that might not be a bad thing, but I suspect there are rules about that sort of stuff. Anyway, she’s got a smile that could keep our boys fighting strong. More cool stuff from the peeps over at Blue Blood.

SpookyBlog writes:

Somebody call a doctor, this nurse is giving me a heart attack. From the bottom of her candy apple red platform shoes to the top of her shiny, skintight, red and white latex nurse’s dress, the sultry Dana DeArmond is all prepped to give the patient a heart attack or perhaps bring back to life the patient who’s already had one. Forget the thermometer. This naughty nurse carries something better, a shiny glass toy with which she proceeds to take her own temperature. I bet she’s running a little bit hot because I know I sure am after looking through this wicked Rubberdollies set.

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