BurningAngel: Catra: Force Captain of The (w)Horde

Catra actually kinda looks more like WilyKit finally got old enough to fuck. Do you go to a special circle of hell if you cum all over Baphomet, or is that just appropriate behaviour? I’ll have to check with Joanna, I bet she knows.

BurningAngel writes:

After Catra spent all that time and energy defeating She-Ra: The Princess of Power, she had to relax and take a naked break on this lovely big leather couch. Afterall, it’s tough work to hold onto the title of “Catra: Force Captain of The Horde”! Most of you probably have no idea what I am talking about, so take this as a hint to brush up on your 1980s under-10 female idols…it’ll be very useful in life! And…don’t forget to have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Joanna Angel

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