A Question About Negativity?

We have a question for our loyal AltPorn.net readers regarding negatively focused comments on posts and example pictures and such. Generally speaking, we enjoy maintaining a positive supportive stance when it comes to the creative AltPorn scene. You may have even noticed that some of the companies or entities that tend to bring a lot of drama and rudeness don’t even get covered here. It’s our view that this sort of poison is bad for everyone, but on the otherhand, we respect people’s ability to communicate their views and feelings on things as well. So, the question then arises: Should we censor comments made on posts that are simply obnoxiously rude and/or negative? Should we let them air? People occasionally make such well thought out posts, like ‘she’s UGLY’ ‘That site sux’ and variations on that theme. We get a twinge moderating them out, but we’ve also seen legitimately useful forums and communities destroyed by a few dickish sock puppets playing verbal king of the hill to the point that nobody reasonable wants to participate anymore. I guess you can see how we are leaning on the issue, but we would love to get some feedback from you as well.

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  1. Leila

    Personally I’m against censoring (having had to deal with that on another site). When someone makes a nasty comment it just reflects poorly on them. I understand the concern of not wanting the comments section to turn into a petty bitch fight (like so many myspace forums). Maybe pointless posts like, “she’s ugly” should be deleted since they have no redeeming value but if someone offers constructive criticism like, “I don’t like her because all her work looks the same” it should be left.

  2. alixxx13

    I get a few negative comments from anonymous readers. Most of them don’t actually read my posts so I reject them. If they have something constructive to say about my post I publish it. But “your (sic.) going to hell” or “you have saggy tits” don’t really have any place in my comments. I think if the comments are actual reflections on the post itself then negative or not they do serve a purpose. Comments such as, “she’s ugly” or “you suck” don’t seem to be helping anyone including the commenter. I think it’s acceptable to not publish such pointless behavior.

  3. Porker

    I think there’s a big difference in feedback and insults. If you think you have a comment that would help out the site, be it negative or positive, then it should be posted. If you just want to slam a site or girl because you simply don’t like them, then do it somewhere else. These sites are created for those of us who enjoy alt-porn and would like to see more of it. If you don’t like the direction or style of a site, then go somewhere else. The internet’s fuckin’ huge and has everything that you could ever want. So to you assholes that can’t keep your feedback to something that might benefit the artist, shut the hell up and don’t bitch when your insults are deleted.

  4. Fedora

    I wrote altporn.net a long letter once about a really bad experience I had with one of your featured models. I just wanted to save others from a bad experience with a novice model. I understand that you cencored me to avoid drama, but in the case of one site in particular, all the negative publicity is for a good reason-IT’s ALL TURE.

    either way, I have mad love for you!

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