Nerdpr0n: teh intarweb

I want to see a live action reenactment! Anna could start with the Badger dance (my favorite), followed by a spirited rendition of All Your Base with tassels on her tits and her face done up cyber like the dude from Zero Wing, maybe a little I Kiss Girls impersonation thrown in for fun. Now do you finish with tubgirl followed by goatse or goatse followed by tubgirl? These are the questions that keep me up at night, figuratively.


Nerdpr0n writes:

I bought this shirt off Threadless a long time ago, but forgot to do a shoot with it. It’s basically a collage of all the stupid shit that has passed through the internet recently, including goatse, badgerbadger, tubgirl and many famous other ones…and of course, there’s me pulling up the rear (heh) as the pr0n. Anyway, I was rummaging through my closet and came across it and was like OMGLOLZWTF, so I put it up! How many memes can YOU spot? I’m pretty sure I’ve guessed them all.

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