Altporn ‘A' List Alexa: Feb 01, 2007

Well, here is the February installment of our regular AltPorn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings study. Looks like our big winners this month are RazorDolls, moving up three spots this month, and BrokenDollz, moving up a whopping eight spots! So, I guess it’s a good month to be a doll site.

AltPorn A List Alexa

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  1. Truant

    No, solo or single girls sites are not included in this particular measure. Partly, it becomes much more difficult to qualify a single girl site as being specifically in or out of the genre, so they are less of a measure of the genre as a whole. There are single girl sites we like and find appealing, and we do what we can to get the word out about what they have going on, but they are not so much about what the general or multigirl community alt sites are about, if that makes any sense. At least it seems harshly judgemental to start having to be like this specific girl is alt and that specific girl is not. Even if we did decide to do a top ten or twenty alt-girl sites, it probably wouldn’t make sense to base it on Alexa.

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