BurningAngel: R to the I to the L to the E to the Y

I don’t get the whole 80’s retro thing. There is plenty of porn out there on the interwebs from the 80’s and if you are into that sort of thing, they really kinda nailed it twenty years ago. Lois Ayers blew some of these new girls out of the water. So the ironic leg warmers and off the shoulder flashdance shirts might make you entertaining in some of the Williamsburg hotspots, but we’d really much rather see something a bit more real and current. That said, Riley is still really hot and BurningAngel certainly does have some sexy sexy stuff.

BurningAngel writes:

Riley is just too darned cute for her own good. I don’t really know what that means, other than she’s just really cute.


Joanna Angel

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