SpookyBlog: Bella Vendetta Riding on the Subway Naked

Who’s the hottest chick on the planet? Well, I’m not sure, but surely in the running is the lovely Bella Vendetta, whom I’ll forgive for not wearing her glasses because she has awesome tits and scary-cool fingernails. I love the groovy retro feel of this set, and I’m betting that pimpin dude in the back is gonna end up gettin down with Bella. 😉

SpookyBlog writes:

BarelyEvil’s naughty trouble-makers are at it again. It this beautifully shot French postcard-esque series, Bella Vendetta boldly gets naked in a crowded subway! She looks irresistibly sexy and jazzed to be causing such a scene in public! Flashing her beautiful breasts is just the start, showing her uniquely artistic body modifications, scars, tattoos, piercings, everything. Even her lace back panties are awesome, although they don’t even stay on for too long! If the public transportation system had more girls like this, I’d certainly get out more often!

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