Nerdpr0n: Anna Likes Alan Moore … A Lot

Dear Anna,

I had no idea “Lost Girls” was even coming out in hardcover, so I have to thank you for alerting me to its existence. Sadly, I’ve become so numbed by Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert slash that I don’t think femmeslash featuring Dorothy, Wendy Darling & Alice in Wonderland is going to get me off.

So, uh, can I look at your boobs?


Anna Logue on

Nerdpr0n writes:

l’d love to chain Alan Moore up in my basement and plunk him down in front of a typewriter so he could peck out little masterpieces for food and sexual favors and then I wouldn’t have to wait years and years in between! Stupid Vertigo with their stupid heads up their stupid butts. I am simply agog over the fact that my years of waiting for Alan Moore’s new (pornographic) masterpiece have come to a close and LOST GIRLS IS FINALLY OUT. Agog I say! Wanna see how agog?

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