Featured Model: Apnea

I used to model for fun with my husband back in 2003. I would do silly stuff like run around his house posing with pineapples and stuffed animals. Eventually we started experimenting with nude and erotic photography. I had never planned to be a model until February 2004 when I was featured on Playboy.com. After that I decided to take it more seriously. Since then I’ve been published in over 30 publications including 5 covers, own a successful paysite, and I’m starting to explore acting. My 21st birthday is next month and I’ve got lots of new projects planned for the future.

All photos by Lithium Picnic

Favorite Photographers

Lithium Picnic is obviously my favorite! We both grew together and I always create my best work with him. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with other great photographers like Christine Kessler, Perry Gallagher, Matthew Cooke, and Steve Diet Goedde.

Favorite Models

I’m a huge fan of Devon Aoki and Adriana Lima‘s work. My favorite models to work with are my friends Aprella and Benni.


Favorite Publications/ Sites

I find lots of inspiration in magazines like Zink and i-D. Some of my favorite websites are LithiumPicnic.com, MyFetishDiary.com, and NawasShibari.com.

Where has your work been featured?

The most comprehensive collection of my work is at Apneatic.com. As of June 2006 there are almost 5,000 photos and a complete list of other sites where you can find me.

Apnea Apnea

Contact Info

You can always find me and ask me questions at http://www.apneatic.com/forum/. I’m also on Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/apneatic, and my direct email address is apnea@apneatic.com.

Web site: www.apneatic.com

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