Featured Photographer: Hyperion Creation

Born in France. Since I was a child I’ve always been interested in art and… women.

After traveling around Europe , I came to London where I found myself working for a multimedia company which had a photographic studio. After a while I started to take pictures and with the years passing, I focus my photography on the Erotic/Fetish/Alternative scene.

Hyperion Creations

Who are some photographers you’ve found inspirational or influential?

Helmut Newton, Horst.P.Horst were and still are among my main influences and the late Bob Carlos Clarke whom I had the honor to meet.

Who are some of your favorite models to work with?

My favorite model(s) are Grace_E, Industrial Bitch, Ruta aka Manko, Alyz, SukaOff, AJ and Lately Kate aka gun street girl who has her own clothes company Jane Doe Latex.

Hyperion Creations

What equipment do you typically use?

I am still using medium format 6×7, 5×4 and I love Polaroids and films in general
But started to use digital lately… slowly 🙂

Favorite publications/sites?

SkinTwo, Marquis, Secret, Black+White and too many to mention.

Where has your work been featured?

Skin Two, Kera Maniax, Stargate Magazine, nudetimes.net, Arcangel picture library and more…

Hyperion Creations Hyperion Creations

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