Featured Model: Angela Ryan

I guess you could say that I officially started my modeling career four years ago, but I can’t remember a time growing up when my mom didn’t have a camera in my face. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I am modeling for others now. It just seems like something I have always been doing. I love glamour and getting all dolled up. I have branched out in the last two years and have started performing burlesque, fetish skits, and singing.

Angela Ryan Angela Ryan

Photos by Shannon Brooks, Mister Devious

I am really into the fashion aspect of fetish. That is what first attracted me to the scene. I love the feeling of latex against my skin, the restriction of a tight corset, and standing sky high in my highest heels. I also love wearing lingerie under my clothing. There is a certain sense of naughtiness knowing that you have a surprise waiting for someone under your dress! I am also known to have a tiny hat perched on my head at all times!

I do hate to put myself into just one category, but the over all feel I try to achieve in all of my shoots is an air of glamour no matter what the look is. I love doing a variety of work and challenging myself to new ideas. I like to mix genre’s as well. There are so many different facets of my personality, so I never like to look just one way all the time.

Favorite photographers?

I have been fortunate to have worked with some really amazing photographers including Christine Kessler, Sean McCall, Shannon Brooke, Lithium Picnic, Perry Gallagher, Jill Rasco, Viva Van Story and James Graham to name a few. It would be a dream to someday work with Christophe Mourthe and David LaChapelle.

Angela Ryan Angela Ryan

Photos by Michael Helms, Jill Rasco

Favorite fellow models?

Some of my favorite fellow girlies are Athena Fatale, Jami Deadly, Miss Conduct, Emily Marilyn, Darenzia, and Aprella. All of which I have shot with! Lucky Me!

Favorite sites?

You mean besides AngelaRyan.com? Hehe. Well they would include MyFetishDiary.com, BurningAngel.com, MisterDevious.com, RetroKitten.com, FetishFactory.com, ModelMayhem.com and of course MySpace.com!

Where has your work been featured?

I have been published in the following magazines: Skin Two, Marquis, Secret, Gothic Beauty, as well as books by Chad Michael Ward and Octavio, and I will be in the West Coast Choppers 2007 calendar.

Angela Ryan Angela Ryan's Legs

Photos by Sean McCall, Christine Kessler

Contact info

Please send all comments, questions, and bookings to the contact page of my site: http://www.angelaryan.com/contact.php

Web sites: www.AngelaRyan.com and www.MySpace.com/angelaryan

0 thoughts on “Featured Model: Angela Ryan

  1. The Big Bad Wolf

    Angela Ryan is one of the best and sweetest models I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to shoot her, as well as get to know her. Having her perform at one of my parties was an absolute treat. Keep up the good work Angela and for being an example and good role model to other models out there.

  2. Forest Johnson

    Angela is a fellow DFW Area Texan, and I was surprised to see her on MySpace. She is gorgeous to say the least. I think what intrigues me most about her, aside from the red hair and obvious physical beauty; is her versatility. Being into graphic art and IT; I am drawn to her visually, but I feel there is a lot more to Angela, than just the visual. Something in her eyes, a deep sensually erotic ‘fem-fatal’ quality. Either way, I can not think of a better way to go.

    I have yet to meet her, and would love to post a link from my Favorite Links Page, but alas, copyrights; they get you in the end.

    Sincere admiration,
    ForestRJ (From MySpace)

  3. Kurt Molhusen

    Angela is the BEST!! Super down to earth and BEAUTIFUL! Iam Glad to have known her for as long as I have sooo if you are a photographer and want to work with a great model get her before shes booked for good!
    Take Care Angela!!

  4. Jami Deadly

    Yay Angela! I’m so thrilled for you that you are leading your life the way you dreamed of, and doing so well. You’re an amazing model, and a wonderful friend. A very unique special person, and you’ll only go up from here!

  5. Chica Boom

    Angela, It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you and performed with you. It was a pleasure to travel with you and I hope we can do it again sometime. You are a hot lil lady! Come visit me in Seattle.

    Rebeldia y Amor,

    Chica Boom

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