Featured Model: Audra

Featured Model: AudraFor the past three years Audra has been tempting, teasing, and seducing various audiences–from the straight-laced fetish-curious to the downright naughty perverts — with her chameleon looks, choices of contrasting wardrobe textures, and seductive performances. From the very beginning of her latex-obsessed fashion career, she has attempted to blend aspects between the mainstream and fetish audiences with her unique blend of latex, feathers, high fashion editorial makeup, and her thirst for continuous creation. She has beckoned the willing into her spiraling inferno of chaos and mayhem, all the while skydiving, aggressively sprinting around on the pitch engaged in a heated football match, or racing around on her motorcycle with the most rabid of kin. Her constant search to quench her thirst for adrenaline has only been matched by her desire to push creative bounds through art.

Audra - Photo by Peter Czernich Audra - Photo by Peter Czernich

Photos by Peter Czernich

Born to two Eastern European immigrant parents, she was raised to explore and embrace all stimuli that intrigued her. While most girls played with dolls and had sleep-overs, she was investigating the chemical properties of Play-Doh and Ectoplasm and climbing trees to squeeze spore mushrooms. At a very early age she discovered her curiosity with balloons. She liked to stretch them over her fingers, smell them, and rub them all over her hands every opportunity she got. It wasn’t until the end of high school that she realized she was a latex fetishist, and she knew it was going to be a part of her life for a great many years to come. Audra graduated valedictorian of her high school class, as well as her college class, donning purple hair and piercings all the way up her ears. She could wield a crop as precisely as she could prepare a tax return, and this dichotomy lives with her till this day. She is your Bruce Wayne and Batman, your conservative career professional with a maniacal, curious dark side. Her infatuation with life is surpassed only by her passion for creating provocative art. It is a part of her that she can not help but live, dream, breathe, and most importantly, feel.

In the past two years, Audra has been humbled with the honor of gracing the pages of Skin Two, Marquis, Secret, A, and Whiplash. She was chosen as the covergirl and subject matter of two chapters for David Lawrence’s shibari art book “Bound”, the face for the ads of London-based fetish jewelry company Prong, one of the models for the newest campaign of Atlanta-based bedroom furniture company Liberator, and has performed in various cities across the globe including London, Berlin, Essen, New York, and Atlanta, among others. She also writes for a variety of publications in the erotica, editorial, and journalistic genres. What does the future hold for this saucy minx? Lube up those rubber-clad breasts, strap on those cocks, hold tight in your vacuum beds, and tune in to find out.

Audra - Photo by Stephen McClure Audra - Photo by Peter Czernich

Photos by Stephen McClure, Peter Czernich

Fave photogs I’ve worked with:

Peter Czernich, Jeffery Scott, Michael Rosen, Tim Dolph, Kelly Lind, Tsubasa, Eric Martin

Fave fellow models:

Valentina, Eve Adeline, Zlata. I am inspired more by models from the 70s and 80s: Eva Herzegova, Lauren Hutton, Linda Evangelista, and Cindy Crawford.

Fave publications/sites:

Marquis Magazine, A Magazine, livejournal.com, Secret Magazine, Heavy Rubber Magazine

Where my work has been featured:

Featured model in MARQUIS issue 32 and multiple appearances in 34, 35, and 36. Featured as a model and writer in SECRET issues 24, 26, 28 and 29. Covergirl of SECRET issue 28! Featured model in WHIPLASH issue 9. Photo Call feature for SKIN TWO issue 53 and featured in issue 55. Spotlight On feature for “A” Magazine premiere issue (00) and full six-page feature/interview/pictorial for issue 1. Also writer for USA supplement to issue 1. Writer for BUCKLE issue 1, where I feature Steve Diet Goedde. Also seen in BUCKLE issue 2 as part of the feature on one of my favorite L.A. photographers, Kelly Lind. Covergirl of David Lawrence‘s fine art book “Bound”, as well as subject of two of his chapters. The face of London-based Prong Jewelry’s 2005 advertisement campaign.

My Eros Zine interview and published work: http://eros-zine.com/articles/2005-04-12/audra0412/

Fantasy Femmes calendar 2006, Girls of Marquis calendar 2006

Audra - Photo by Peter Czernich

Photo by Peter Czernich


http://www.gwarskitty.com and http://www.myspace.com/gwarskitty

Contact info:

Contact me via email audra_gaizak@yahoo.com or via Yahoo messenger audra_gaizak

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