Featured Model: Anna Logue

“i started this site just over a year ago because i love tinkering with website stuff (html, css, that kind of thing) and learning new things, AND i love being naked on the internet, so i decided to give it a go! i run it by myself and do everything except the photography. i call all the shots and that’s exactly how i like it. i decided that i wanted to infuse it with my personality and interests, and well, i’m nerdy. there’s no getting around that. i’d rather snuggle up with a good comic than go partying. i pull red-eye shifts coding just for the hell of it. i’m a gamer dork and i’m proud. and i want to make pr0n for people who love hot, brainy chicks!”

Anna Logue of nerdpr0n.com Anna Logue of nerdpr0n.com

Favorite photographers?

my site is very amateur right down to the photography – my photographers are my friends or myself. we set up a few lights, they whip out the point and shoot, and i get naked!

Favorite fellow models?

I have a weakness for girls in glasses, especially if dark curly hair and freckles are involved. For instance, zille (from darkplay.net) makes my heart go pitter-patter, i think river on nakkidnerds.com is just the prettiest girl ever. Stephthegeek.com is my secret crush and i’d pay a king’s ransom in sci-fi books to get a few hours alone with her. winkwinknudgenudge.

Favorite publications/sites?

Nakkidnerds.com is f’n awesome! and i really love the ideas behind beautifulagony.com and ishotmyself.com. this is the new pr0n, and i love the direction it’s going into. more model control, more individuality, more personality, and more filthy, filthy smut. mmm.

Anna Logue of nerdpr0n.com Anna Logue of nerdpr0n.com

Where has your work been featured?

At current, my website (http://www.nerdpr0n.com) and nakkidnerds.com – but that won’t be all if i have anything to do with it 😉

Contact info

anna@thehappyhedonist.com or nerdyanna@gmail.com

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