Featured Model: Victoria Lane

Victoria Lane FeatureThe thinking man’s blonde, Victoria Lane is a film noir vixen with pervy kitten tendencies. Influenced heavily in both personal style as well as professional pursuits by the golden age of Hollywood, she has a passion for high heels, stockings, corsets, rhinestones, feathers and all opera length gloves. Her historical interests range from Victorian to the 1950s. Lucky enough to be living out her childhood dreams, Victoria is a triple threat actress in Hollywood, California.

Photography by (L-R): Agony Bliss, John Nystrom, Sean McCall, Caridad

Favorite photographers?
Agony Bliss, Anna Devia, Doug Lucy, David Hickey, Caridad, Viva Van Story, Shannon Brooke, Sean McCall and Perry Gallagher to name the ones who come to my head. I discover new talents all the time. And I’ve probably offended someone by not listing everyone I’ve ever worked with.

Favorite fellow models?
I have a number actually. There are so many beautiful women out there sharing themselves with the world but among my favorites are Ivy Blue, Little Miss Risk, Feisty Diva, Mistress Persephone, Jami Deadly, Amanda Jilesse. There are more, of course. But I’d be here for a very long time if I continued.

Favorite publications/sites?
I don’t really have an affinity for any particular website. I suppose I haven’t been drawn into the internet that deeply, which is shocking for me to even realize given how much time on it I have spent.

Where has your work been featured?

Contact info
Yahoo! Messenger: ms_victoria_lane

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