Featured Model: Cricket le Fey

Crickey le Fey FeatureBio:

Modeling is one of my greatest loves. Most of my happiest moments are when I am in front of the camera. I have been modeling for 4 years and nude modeling for 3+ years now. I am a very creative artistic individual myself and I love to be involved in the creative process. I love being able to share the photographers artistic vision or to have them share in mine. Modeling is how I release whatever emotions I am feeling and for whatever reason cannot express in reality. I want people to be able to look at my pictures and be able to see a glimpse of who I really am, my own sexuality and emotions, nothing forced or fake.

th_cricket_mj2.jpg th_cricket_penance.jpg th_cricket_whitedolly2.jpg

Photography by (l-r) Tabitha, Solstyce Calé, Rana X

My work varies as I like to do a lot of different work to keep myself from being pigeonholed into just one style. I admit that my first love is porn (alt. softcore and hardcore solo and girl/girl work) but I also like pin-up, burlesque, fantasy, fetish, artistic nudes, goth, glamour, horror/gore, surrealism, erotica, vintage, and portraiture work.

I’m in this for the long haul. My life ambition is to own and run my own adult magazine and network related websites (I may include video if that interests me in the future) which would be alt. and of a more fetish oriented nature and yet nothing like anything else that is already out there. Oh and yes the articles in my magazine will be worth reading, unlike some other magazines out there. 😉

Favorite Photographers:

Rana X., Solstyce Calé, S. Jenx, Adrian Welch

Favorite Fellow Models:

Solstyce Calé, Tabitha Grey, Masuimi Max, Miss Conduct

Favorite publications/sites:

Skin Two, On Our Backs, Blue Blood, eroticbpm.com, spiceplay.com, manicjane.com, darkplay.net.com, barelyevil.com, gothicsluts.com, citykittie.com

Where has your work been featured:

Contact Info:

E-mail: Cricket.le.Fey@gmail.com
Website: Not yet, soon…

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