Featured Model: Delilah

Delilah FeatureBio:

I am horrible with bios so bear with me! My name is Delilah, also known as Delilahbrat. I started modeling a year ago when my friend took me as a chaperone to a photoshoot, and I ended up getting some photos taken as well. I started getting more interested in nude modeling (ever since I was younger, I was always fascinated by photography that showed the sensuality of the female form, but was always too shy and never thought I would be able to do it!). I met some amazing photographers who helped me get over my shyness (which is weird, considering I have been working as a dancer for almost 5 years!), and then was introduced to many different alt-porn sites which I decided to send in some applications, and the rest is history!

Favorite Photographers:

Of course, the photographers I have worked with to help me get to where I am now- Melvin Moten Jr, Joseph Jobe, Richard DeChick, and Auryn Pendragon. There are so many amazing photographers whose works are featured on many alt-porn sites, as well as other art sites, it is so hard to pick favorites- everyone has their own style, and to me it is all beautiful artistic expression when a photographers passion is to make art and share it with others. There are just too many to name!

Favorite Fellow Models:

This is a difficult one, since every model is beautiful, not just because of looks, but confidence and attitude in front of the camera. On the sites I belong to, I do not think there is any model who does not stand out personality, creativity and looks-wise. I love every alt-model because they are not the “cookie cutter models”, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, looks. Every single one shows off their unique looks that do not conform to society’s “norm” and every one of them is down-to-earth which makes them even more stunning. I do not like to single anyone out, because I have yet to come across a fellow model that I havent considered a “favorite”.

Favorite publications/sites:

Besides any tattoo/piercing/body mod publication or site (my fetish!) and my obsession with Live Journal, I love Manic Jane, That Strange Girl, Spice Play, Broken Dollz, Gothic Pleasures, Erocrush, Enticing Images, EroticBPM, and of course altporn.net (I love checking to see the different sites, checking to see what new sets are going up).

Where has your work been featured:

Contact Info:

E-mail: delilahbrat@gmail.com
AIM: delilahbrat
yahoo messenger: delilahbrat69
Website: http://www.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=64444 (I had a larger portfolio, but I kind of let my subscription lapse, and have been too lazy to fix it…. but look for a larger portfolio in the near future!)

th_melvinmotenkatiesaranwr.jpg th_melvinmoten more photos.jpg th_melvin moten shoots 1-2.jpg

Photography by Melvin Moten Jr.

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