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I stand model for ALL photographers!

Travelexpences pay the Photographer. only PHOTO, no movie!

I pose also for Hardcore photos Indoor, Outdoor and Public Place from Flashing to full program for Amateur Photographers and small Groups for Private.

Lingere, Bikini, Gothic, Flashing, Open Legs, Pinkshot, Toys a.s.o.

ORAL- VAGINAL- ANAL-Photos : also with strange partner.

CUMSHOT/BUKKAKE-Photos: also on the face, tongue, breast, pussy((exception) at gaping hole also in), whole body.

GANGBANG-Photos: with 6 men at one time, in large groups(20-30men) better only teams 3 men for 3 photos in one position and change other team. when all teams are photographed then next position. also Bukkake and Interracial.

BONDAGE-Photos: - HardBondage also with use my piercing, Gapinghole, Pissing, Cumshot, Gaged, Weights, Toys, Oral, Sex, Anal, Gangbang, Suspension.

OTHER-Photos: ask me.

That ALL can be photographed EVERYTHING TOGETHER also in PUBLIC with Bodyguard and make little show for walker and also a possibility for take part with rubber exists.(posed in me) by piss and cumshot photos without

All sexphotos are only posed for 10-60second without movening and away! not true sex!

Let make your Private Photo Album.
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Bondage(not only boobs), Gangbang photos with 6 men at one time, also in Bondage. Very Big Gapingholes for Exhibit, for View, to touch, maybe to Use for posing for Everyone. Better Photos than doctors investigation.
Exploration with the camera. Exploration and discovery of the Possibilities and Limits, search for new and Undiscovered Talents, Limits and Possibilities.

Jola is available for unpublished, private photo shoots.
She will work with groups with a minimum one day booking.
Multi-day bookings are welcome.
Jola does not do single photographer gonzo sex sessions.
You must have STD certificates to cum in her vagina or anus.
Otherwise, condoms are required.
She will have sex outside with everyone and accepts vaginal and anal fisting, as well as double and triple penetration.
Jola will undergo all forms of sex during bondage; including gangbangs, weights on labia, breast bondage, and clitoris bondage!
YES! Clitoris can be suck with pump or rub or otherwise draw long ,
until it is big then can be tied up for show in public and to tease for all men or women who want to play.
the best fun when Jola is tied but it can still increase.
more fun begins when clitoris is bound and stands out.
with lots of spit or oil must it be kept wet and the game can be a never-ending story groaned incessantly by Jola. all three holes can be used individually or simultaneously.
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