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2018 AltPorn Award Badges

The nominations were very competitive, so you get bragging rights on this one. You can publicize your nomination with the attached official AltPorn Awards Nominee emblem, suitable for press releases, blog posts, and other promo. #altpornawards

Select the badge size that works best for your design. You can right-click and “save image” if that works best for you. The correct sizes are linked.

You can copy the code from the box below and just paste the code into your web pages or profiles. If you are a nominee who prefers to download your badge and host it yourself or use it in your own graphic designs, you are welcome to do that.

Contact us if you have any other requests or requirements.

Print: (3000 x 2700)

AltPorn Awards 2018 Nominee

Large: (694 x 625)

AltPorn Awards 2018 Nominee

Small: (350 x 315)

AltPorn Awards 2018 Nominee

Here is a transparent frame you can use to include your own images for social media and voting. Just download the transparent .png and incorporate your own images as you see fit.

Large Size: (1080 x 1080)

AltPorn Awards 2018 Nominee

Medium Size: (694 x 694)

AltPorn Awards 2018 Nominee